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What's In My Camera Bag

I thought some of you might be interested in seeing what I carry around in my camera bag and what I use for photo sessions. It's just a quick little post, but I made it slightly more interesting by telling you what and how I use everything. Who knows, you might learn something about photography that you never would have thought about.

This is my camera. The main character in my all photography adventures. It's a Canon EOS 6D DSLR. It's a little heavy, especially compared to my last camera which was a Canon Rebel. I really like it and the quality of the pictures it produces, but if you're just starting out or looking for something to just have some fun with, I would go with something like the Rebel.

This is my Canon 50 mm lens. It's great for taking portraits and is my current go to for almost everything I'm doing.

This is my Canon 24 - 105mm lens. It is my first lens and it's great because it's versatile. I can get a wide shot and also zoom in to get a closer image. Now it's not that big of a zoom, but it is helpful when I am photographing show choir and dance performances. Those two things are the main reason I use this lens as of right now.

These are parts of my reflector, just because it's a little too big to get a nice picture of the whole thing. If you don't know what it does, it reflects light, but you probably figured that out. It helps me bounce light onto someone so part of them (or sometimes all of them) isn't in shadow. It helps to make the picture (and the subject) look better.

This is my flash, by Nissan, that I can use both on and off the camera. The device on the left is what I attach to the camera when I am using the flash off camera. It connects the flash to the camera so that it goes off when I snap the picture. It also lets me change the settings on my flash so I'm not having to walk back and forth in order to change some settings. I use this mainly when I am doing a session indoors and I want to add a little more light or counter act the available light. However, I like doing portraits outside rather than in, so I end up using my reflector more than my flash.

This is just my battery charger, but I always have it in case I need a last minute charge.

These are some odds and ends that I keep for emergencies. I have an extra battery, in case my first one dies, but I always try to have my primary battery at full charge. Some extra batteries for my flash. An extra memory card, handy when I am the second photographer at a wedding. And finally bobby pins and safety pins for when a client may have a possible wardrobe or hair malfunction.

I keep a couple business cards handy, just in case someone needs my information or is interested in contacting me. Actually, I keep a few of these everywhere, my purse, my extra wallet. You never know when you might need it.

This is a LaCie Rugged 1 terabyte hard drive. I've had a different brand of hard drive in the past, but I've found that this one is a bit more reliable.

I don't actually keep this one in my camera bag unless I'm traveling, but it's the one thing besides my camera that I constantly use.

So that's everything I keep in my camera bag. It's not a lot, but I'm on the hunt for more. Mainly more lenses. I currently have my eye on a nice 70 - 200mm zoom lens. I've been wanting to get a better zoom for dance and show choir performances because you can't always get the best seat in the house.

So what do you think? Did you learn something new about what a photographer carries around with them? Do you have a lens recommendation because I would love to hear them. Write your comments down below!

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