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Warner Girls | October 2016

I have been taking pictures of this wonderful family since Cora was a teeny tiny baby. Now is almost three years old and has a little sister. It's amazing how time flies. It's always been a joy to take pictures of this family and I can't wait to see who these little girls grow up to be.

Hattie may be the happiest and most content baby I have ever met. Who knew that during this session she was going to be the easy one.

Cora was a little less happy about our session, but we managed to get some shots once we bribed her with a cookie. It also helped doing a second, way more relaxed session. If I had to choose one picture to describe how the majority of the first session went, it would be this one.

In an attempt to get Cora to cooperate a little better, we tried some family pictures. She wasn't very into it and Hattie was a little more interested in the ground and the wind blowing in her face. But we still ended up with some pretty cute shots.

Of course we needed some pictures of the two sisters together. Turns out that is easier said than done. At one point I told Cora that if she laid down next to her sister, she will get leaves dropped in her face. Well, she lit up at that idea. Who knew leaves in the face was a selling point?

In all, I think we ended up with some adorable pictures. Patience is key.

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