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The Portfolio Show

Hello again!

As promised I have behind the scenes goodness of getting ready for the portfolio show.

It was a great experience to have. My college (Madison College) put on a portfolio show for many different departments, including photography and graphic design.

It took basically the whole semester to prepare for it and was quite an exciting and stressful time.

I figured I would take you on a sort of journey through the process. (Don't worry, I have pictures.)

Well, the main part of getting ready was doing actual photoshoots. I have made a couple blog posts with some behind the scenes of some photoshoots that I have done, but I won't be posting any on this post.

After the photoshoots, comes deciding which pictures will go into my portfolio. And then comes the printing of the chosen pictures.

Once printed I had to put all the pictures together into the portfolio itself.

During all this I was also creating a little "personal project" book, which I titled Frozen Motion.

I'll insert a short slide show of the layout that the book is in.

Now, I've actually got a short video of putting everything together and a little of the portfolio show itself. It's up on my brand new YouTube channel, where I hope to put up more videos of my photography, behind the scenes, photoshoots, and other things.

And here are some pictures I have from the show. A couple with friends, my table set up, me. Yes there are going to be some "selfies" so prepare to see my face up close and personal. :)

My set up was very simple, especially compared to other people's tables. I had my portfolio, my book, and my website up. I also had some delicious caramels sitting out for people to take, I sadly cannot offer them to you though.

The last thing I will show you are the pictures that went into my portfolio and that will pretty much be it for my behind the scenes coverage.

As always, thanks for checking out my blog! Hope you enjoyed this post, it's a little different, but I'm really into the video so there will probably be more to come!


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