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Sauk Prairie Prom | 2016

It's been awhile! So many thing are happening at the end of the semester, it's crazy!

So two weekends ago, all junior girls from Sauk Prairie High School dressed up in fancy gowns, had their hair done, and went to their one and only prom. It's quite an event, and it wouldn't be complete without a little bit of stress and some sort of fiasco. Luckily, things went pretty smoothly for this group of girls. The worst thing to happen, actually happened to me, of all people.

I was taking on the role of older sister and helping my sister with her make up and hair. In the process of curling her hair, I managed to rightly burn my hand. Nothing too horrible, just a blister and, as I like to say, it was angry at me the rest of the day. Not to worry though, I just had to continue on with an ice pack wrapped around my hand, yes even while I was taking pictures. The show must go on!

This first picture is of my sister and I. Yes she is slightly taller than me, the heels help.

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