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My Creativity Inspiration

Today, I thought it would be interesting to tell you some things that inspire me creatively. Maybe some of these things can help inspire others or just give some recognition to some other amazing photographers.

I like to be creative in a lot of ways. One creative thing I do is paint. I mostly create canvases for myself when I get inspired from a movie or TV show. If I really like something, I want to make something of it. (I'll insert some pictures of some of the paintings I currently have hanging.)

My current favorites came from two of my favorite superheroes. Bucky Barnes/Winter Soldier and Captain America. (Beware, basically all of my paintings are super nerdy.)

I also made some Star Wars and Doctor Who paintings. I had been wanting to make a Star Wars painting for awhile, but I just couldn't figure out what to paint. Inspiration hit when I saw a photo of a wooden sign someone painted with a white background and the logo in black. That's when the idea for the painting came to me and I'm really happy with how it turned out.

There was one time when I was inspired by cherry blossoms and how pretty their red and pink flowers looked, so I decided to make a quick canvas based on that. I liked it so much that I decided to make thee more that were similar and in different colors.

And the rest of my paintings are all Disney animation based. My first Disney painting was Mickey with the Conductor and I kinda spiraled from there.

If you're wondering, yes I am currently working on two more canvases and yes, I will give you a sneak peek.

Photography wise, the main things that inspires me are other photographers and pictures.

There are so many photographers out there that make such beautiful work, I could be here all day going through my list of people that feed my inspiration. Instagram is probably my favorite place to find photos, for obvious reasons. There are just so many photographers that have so many different styles it's hard not to spend all day scrolling through a feed of wonderful photos. Sometimes if I find one that makes me want to stare it it forever or try and emulate it, I will take a screenshot (with the photographers name in shot) and save that to my photo inspiration board on Pinterest. I'm not going to lie, Pinterest is a great place to find inspiration and I go there a lot to get and store different ideas.

photo inspiration board Here is a link to my As for specific photographers, well there are too many to list, but I have compiled a few who I absolutely love and are in around the Madison area. (I would post some examples of their work, but I don't want to get in trouble for borrowing their photos.) if you are curious as to what my inspirations look like.

Ania of Ania Fields Photo Art

She is based in Prairie du Sac, WI.

I am slightly biased towards her only because she took my senior pictures, She does all kinds of portrait photography and was the first photographer that I followed. Her photography is so beautiful and bright and genuine, that I enjoy seeing her pop up in my feed.

Website | Facebook

Sam of S. Cole Photography

She is based in Sauk City, WI.

Sam also does all kinds of portrait photography along with wedding photography. Her work is so natural and beautiful and I love the way she edits her photos. You can tell that all her clients are so comfortable with her just by the way the look in their photos.


Rhonda of Indian Summer Photography

She is also based in Prairie du Sac.

She mainly photographs newborns, engagements, and weddings, and may I just say she does an amazing job. Her newborn photos may be the cutest I have ever seen. Her photos are so warm and inviting that I could stare at them all day long.

Website | Facebook

Twig and Olive Photography

They are based in Sun Prairie, WI.

Their photos are just so enchanting, and when I say enchanting I mean that they look like they came straight out of a fairy tale. They are just so beautiful and it's a good thing they post to their Facebook page everyday because I just love looking at everything they create. I am not doing them any justice by just describing what their images look like, so you will have to check them out for yourself.

Website | Facebook

When I was in school studying photography, I had so many talented classmates to inspire me with their many different kinds of photography. Portrait wise, I have to point out a couple who I get inspiration from almost daily.

Bridgette of Bridgette Rozinski Photography

Bridgette is based in Baraboo, WI.

Her portraits are absolutely gorgeous and I'm not quite sure how she does it. I sometimes get jealous of how talented she is, but she is just amazing. Her nature photography is so beautiful too. Somehow, she knows just the right way to harness all the beauty of the world into one photo. It's quite a feat.

Website | Facebook

Alyssa of Alyssa Parker Photography

Alyssa is based in Lowell, MA. (I know, it's unfairly far away, but everyone there is lucky to have her as a photographer.) I'm pretty sure Alyssa might be the happiest person and I know and it shows in her photography. It's like she insets a dose of happiness into every picture she takes. Her wedding photography is absolutely gorgeous. She does a fantastic job capturing the best day of her clients' lives and it feels like she has truly frozen a moment in time.

Website | Facebook

Elise of Elise Juelich Photography

Elise is based in Madison, WI. When I see Elise's work, it reminds me of a sunset. She does a fantastic job at somehow capturing the sun and putting it into every one of her photos, and this may sound strange, but I think it's wonderful. It gives her photos a sort of glow. Not only does she do wonderful portraits, but she also does equine photography. I haven't seen much equine photography before, but Elise's just leaves me wanting more.

Website | Facebook

Karlee of Karlee Mikkelson Photography

Karlee is based in LaCrosse, WI, but will travel virtually anywhere. She photographs couples and weddings and my goodness does she care for each and every one of her clients. I'm pretty sure she ends up becoming best friends with everyone she photographs. She puts her heart and soul into every session and tells the story with each picture. You can see how much she loves love. Again, I don't know how she does it, but she does it so beautifully it's hard to adore her work.

Website | Facebook

So I may not have done the best job at describing everyone, but I hope it was good enough to get you to check at least one of them out. (Seriously though, they are all amazing photographers and you should take a look at all of them.)

Lately I have also been reading many books that have been inspiring me to work even harder on my photography and my photography business. So far I have only read three, but I have a list of others that I am raring to try.

The first book I read was Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear by Elizabeth Gilbert.

Photo from Amazon

Yes it is the same author that wrote Eat, Pray, Love, although I have not read that book. This book is mainly about how to get over any fears you are having with your work and how to harness your creativity and use it to your advantage. Elizabeth encourages you to say yes to your creative ideas and tells you to not let go of your creativity. She mainly talks about writers, but it feels more for anyone and everyone who wants to indulge in their creativity.

I think this is a great read for anyone, especially for those who are afraid to take the next step.


The next two books I read are by the same author and are kind of a mini series.

They are Steal Like An Artist and Show Your Work by Austin Kleon.

Photos from Amazon

Steal like an artist has a main point of it being ok to look and copy other artists work while you are starting out it whatever creative thing you are doing. Everyone before you has done it and everyone after you will do it too. It's like a starting point until you can make your work have more of your voice.

Show your work tells you how to get your work out in the wild and how too get people's attention. I found this book very helpful since this is exactly what I am trying to do, get my work noticed.

Both of these books are filled with such good advice and I highly recommend them to anyone who needs a push in the right direction or some extra reassurance or confidence in their creativity.

Amazon: Steal Like An Artist | Show Your Work

Well, I hope you found this interesting to read, maybe you even found some inspiration of your own, your next book to read, or even another photographer to follow.

If you have any ideas of some other blog posts you would like to see from me, let me know! I'm going to try and starting blogging more than just client pictures. Have a great day!

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