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Mini Chicago Trip

Over this past weekend, my family and I took a mini vacation to Illinois. We visited with family for a couple days and spent one day in Chicago. It was a lot of fun even though my feet were killing by the days end (I made a style choice over a comfort choice) and it was nice to explore the city. It was very hot the day we went, which was a nice change from the cooler weather we've been having here in Wisconsin, but at one point it became almost unbearable (a good reason to stop for ice cream!)

On to some pictures...

The first thing we did (after the gps got us hopelessly lost) was take an architectural tour on the river. It was a very interesting ride and I enjoyed myself a lot. I cannot tell you a thing of what we learned over the course of a hour and ten minute boat ride, there was just too much information. Even though, I promise the ride is well worth it.

In all honesty, I don't remember the names of these buildings, but I will try to put some information about them or why they were pointed out during the boat tour.

These buildings were pointed out because of their design. How the outside beams are meant to be showing in order to add to the design of the building (like the building on the left with the triangles) but it can make the building look as if it were unfinished.

Some of the buildings weren't pointed out, but I took pictures of them anyway because I liked the look of the skyline. Here I think the glass reflecting the sky makes the buildings look wonderful.

On the left is the Willis Tower (formerly the Sears Tower.) On the right are some buildings that have businesses in them, but the way they were all lined up and somehow seem to match each other even though they are designed very differently, was very appealing to me.

I cannot remember the name of this building for the life of me. But I do know that it is made with beautifully dark glass and is curved to reflect the curve of the river that it is laid along. Quite a gorgeous building.

Nothing special about this building. I just noticed it while we were waiting for the tour to start. I liked the way the white of the building looked with the blue sky and the green trees just below it.

The building on the left is the Tribune Tower, made in a gothic design. When it was first built, people thought it was the ugliest building and now it is thought to be a beautiful work of architecture (an interesting fact.) The middle building is the Wrigley Building. Finally, the building on the right is the Merchandise Mart. It was built in the 1930's and I actually really like the look of it. I am sort of a fan of things from the 30's and 40's. I think the designs of buildings and the look of the clothes are very interesting. I also love the swing music from that time period as well. Maybe it all stemmed from how much I like Captain America... :)

On the way left, the green building with the gold top, is the Carbide and Carbon building. It looks like this because the design was inspired by a champagne bottle, of all things! And the building on the way right is the 35 East Wacker Jeweler Building. One interesting fact about it is that the small towers on the outside were originally used to hold water. Plus it looks really cool.

This is of course the famous Willis Tower. It is currently the tallest building in the city and it used to be the tallest building in the world upon it's completion in 1974. Now it is the 16th tallest building.

Finally we have the beautiful skyline that was near the end of the tour. It's such a fantastic view.

After the tour we got lunch and walked to Millennium Park. Of course we had to make a stop at The Bean and take a couple pictures. Even though I have seen it before, it is still quite an interesting sculpture to look at.

After the park we decided to walk over to Nave Pier. It was quite a relaxing walk along the lake.

There was an air show the next day so we were lucky enough to see the Blue Angels practicing for the show. It was very cool to see and they flew very close to the ground at some points. Not to mention the sound they made when they flew over, was astounding!

My sister wanted to go up on the ferris wheel, but no one was too keen on going, my dad and I are not a fan of heights. (That and the tickets were $15 a piece.) My sister and I did go on the swings. They were actually very fun and went pretty fast. We were a little dizzy afterwards.

Couldn't help taking a couple portraits and fun pictures.

We headed back to the car after walking all over Navy Pier. So I am just going to post a few more pictures that I took of the city through out the day.

I hope you enjoyed these pictures and learning a little about Chicago's architecture. I had a wonderful time on the trip and would love to take many more in the future. I am ready to go on more adventures! :)

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