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It's the Start of Something New!


So this is the start of a brand new adventure for me. I'm venturing out into the world and bringing my photography skills with me and I would love it if you joined me.

So this is me, well I'm the one in the middle.

You probably want to know a little about me and I am not going to disappoint you.

Some normal facts about me would be that I am 20 years old, (almost 21!) I live in southern Wisconsin, and I am in my last semester of studying photography in college.

Some "fun facts" about me would be that I love the rain and I love the silence that nature offers. If I'm not photographing people or dance and show choir shows, I will be out photographing nature.

I am also, in fact, a huge geek. I grew up on the Star Wars movies. The first PG-13 movie I saw in theaters happened to be Episode III. So when I was sitting in the theater for Episode VII, a huge smile and a wave of nostalgia washed over me as soon as the first note was played. I also like Marvel, Star Trek, Harry Potter, tv shows like Supernatural, Doctor Who, and Agent Carter, oh and I can't forget Disney! I could go on for days listing movies and tv shows I like watching, but you don't want to read all that.

Music is another one of my favorite things. I simply cannot live without it. To me music is very inspiring and full of emotion. It has the ability to make me feel happy and full of life one moment and sad or nostalgic the next and I find that amazing.

I have been dancing since I was 5 (this may have some influence on my love for music) and I love to sing, just not in in front of anyone. I still take dance classes during the summer months and enjoy going to, as well as photographing, dance recitals.

I participated in show choir in school for a couple of years. If you don’t know what show choir is, it’s choir groups putting on a 15 minute show of a few songs that have dance along with them. It’s basically what they did on the show Glee. I enjoy going to show choir competitions and because I’m a photographer I end up taking pictures of the two groups from my high school.

So this post has been going on for a while. The rest of them will probably never have this much writing in them, but hey, you know a little more about me and I hope you enjoyed the read. There will be more snippets of my life to come and I hope you will follow me along on my adventures!

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