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The Grateful Shed | An Adventure in Color

October 2, 2019

I have two photographer friends where every time we get together, we end up taking pictures. This day, we weren't sure what to do because it was a crappy, rainy day and we couldn't do much hiking (which is our go to.) Then they mentioned going to The Grateful Shed in the Dells to take pictures. I had never heard of it, and didn't find much online for what it looked like, but I said sure. It was probably pretty interesting if they wanted to go there.


Turns out it is super cool! For my retro, aesthetic little heart anyway. It's like an indoor food truck area, which is neat in itself. But it has old 60s, volkswagen-esc vans, cool lighting, a wall mural, these awesome stairs covered in license plates, and a legit bus suspended from the ceiling. Well, the bus is actually probably supported from both the floor and the ceiling, but it looks almost like a floating bus. It was my favorite part and I could have spent hours in there taking photos. 


I didn't even mind all the people looking at us weird because I was just having a grand time photographing the place. Plus, after photographing in public spaces so many times, eventually the awkwardness fades away and I don't even notice people staring. 




























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