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Kalyn | Sauk Prairie Class of 2020

September 3, 2019

When I first met with Kalyn and her mom about her senior pictures, I knew we were going to work well together. As she was telling me of some locations she had in mind, I couldn't help but think of how she was almost reading my mind. Doing downtown/urban photos are always fun. She mentioned wanting to have some done in a theater and I have always wanted to do some with the dressing room lights. She brought up that she loved greenhouse portrait and I swear that girl was after my heart. I've been wanting to do a greenhouse photo shoot for a while now. Unfortunately, I couldn't find one for us to go to that was close by our other locations. 

We went to two locations. The first was downtown Madison, where we warmed up in the Overture Center with her beautiful, gold prom dress. I thought she made the perfect decision to wear her dress there. Every time I had her lean against a wall, she braced herself for the cold. Even when we first went outside in the warmth she braced herself for a cold wall. For a lot of the pictures Kalyn wore a yellow sundress that she loved. She also commented on how she loved the dress with sneakers look - which is basically my entire existence. I basically wear Converse with everything. 

The second location was the River Arts Center theater in Prairie du Sac. I'm not going to lie, things didn't go quite as planned and were a bit of a mess, but we managed to get some pretty pictures on the stage and in the dressing room. We then took a small walk along the Sauk Prairie Trail and got a little more immersed in nature. We had some fun reading the "interest" graffiti that was under the bridge. 

After everything, I really enjoyed working with Kalyn and her mom. They were so sweet and kind and they were up for any idea I had. They were also pretty cute. Tracy (Kalyn's mom) smiled the whole time because she couldn't help it while Kalyn was smiling for her photos. Isn't that just the sweetest and cutest thing?! It definitely made my heart melt a little. Kalyn was so cute as well, and not just because of her personality. When ever someone walked by with a dog she would  get a little distracted. I can't blame her though, dogs in the "wild" are absolutely adorable. She had a super eye for spotting them too. I smiled so much during my time with those two that my cheeks hurt a little afterward. It was so worth it.































I had to throw in a couple funny ones. I asked Kalyn to look over at her mom and smile and instead I got these two faces instead. Her mom suggested I have her look at someone else, but we all had a nice laugh.






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