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Horicon Marsh

July 7, 2019

I think this was my first time at Horicon Marsh. I want to say that I was there on a school field trip when I was very young, but I don't think that's accurate. It was a beautiful day. A little hot, but there was a breeze that made things very nice. I met up with a friend and we had a little adventure driving up to the marsh and then walking around for a couple hours. The most popular part to hike in the marsh was under construction, so we found a couple different paths to walk. We went to the best places to see wildlife and we saw... nothing. Ok I lied, not nothing, but very little. We did see a goose family with about a million baby geese. We heard tons of frogs and saw one. And we saw some ducks and some white birds that I have no idea what they were. Our goal of seeing wildlife was pretty much unsuccessful, but we had a great time hanging out together. Plus, we both totally got sunburnt. Like, really bad. As a very pale person, I burn pretty easily anyway, but that day was awful. My shoulders always get the worst of it. So I've learned my lesson. I'm not going out without sunscreen ever again this summer. Wear your sunscreen kids!!

After the marsh we made our way back home and had an impromptu portrait session where I was the subject. I love them so much and you'll be able to see them on my Instagram and when I publish my updated website. And yes, my red shoulders were showing, but a little editing magic can make them look way better than they actually were. At this point in the day, when my sunburn was really bad, I knew I was in trouble.

Ok, enough about my sunburn. Check out the photos I took of the few animals we saw. 






















That bird was really playing games with us and it was difficult to get a clear picture of it. Here are my amazing failed attempt that I was upset weren't clear. But, you can't always win. Plus it's good practice.




And of course I took some pictures with my friend. I'm making it my goal to take more pictures with friends because I have been really bad at that for the past two years. Which is a travesty to me. 





Until next time friends!






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