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Behind the Scenes - Cookie Baking

December 23, 2018

Hello! Christmas is upon us! Honestly, it kinda snuck up on me. I was prepared though, I had started getting gifts and making cards right after Thanksgiving. This past week has been pretty good. I finished my semester of business classes, so now I know a lot more about running a small business. My sister and I went to see Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, which was fantastic and so pretty, I highly recommend it. Otherwise my week has been filled with finishing things up and getting last minute things for Christmas.


So onto what I did yesterday with my family. Every year we have a day where we bake Christmas cookies. Usually it involves other members of the family on my mom's side, but life happened so they couldn't come. That was ok though, I had a good time just being with my family. We listened to Christmas music and made way to many cookies for the four of us. This year we made classic sugar cutout cookies, pumpkin cookies, peanut butter/Hershey kiss cookies (that have way too many different names), and jello cookies. Sugar cutouts are a must for Christmas, but I think my favorites are the pumpkin cookies. They're all good though, I mean they're cookies so how can they not be.


And yes, there are puppy pictures included in here too.




 Sally was trying to help.











She smelled the peanut butter cookies and wanted some. 



Break time... I wrapped some presents, others took naps. 




My attempt at a snowman. My artistic ability doesn't really transfer to cookie decorating. I need some more practice.


My mom's snowman.








My dad decided to create some Marvel characters, starting with Iron Man. It was my sister's idea to make Ant Man (who is in the middle.)


Then he recreated Civil War.


My mom's cute snowflake, might be my favorite cookie.


Remember when I said we made too many cookies? Well, here's the proof. We definitely have plenty to share. 


(Man guys, turns out making this post was a struggle, all starting with my laptop not wanting to mount my SD card. (As I'm writing this sentence I have no idea if I will actually get my photos uploaded or not. But I'm hopeful, and listening to the Spider-Verse soundtrack which is helping to distract me.

Ok, these photos really didn't want to come into existence, but I got them!) 


So, I think my next post, my last post of 2018, is going to be a sort of year in review. I'm still thinking about this and toying with what exactly I'l talk about, but let me know if this is something you would be interested in. Otherwise, I'll probably just show some photos from any Christmas celebrations I have with my family. 


Happy holidays everyone! Until next time friends.



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