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Ice Age Trail | Merrimac, WI

December 16, 2018

Today's wintery hike (well I actually went on Tuesday) was on the Ice Age Trail near the north shore of Devil's Lake. To be honest, I was very surprised to find a couple inches of snow when I got there. Only 20 minutes away, at my house, there is absolutely no snow. But I was glad. Snow makes everything prettier anyway. I took some of my lenses to test out, and for my friend to test out because we get excited about things like new camera lenses. I only wish we saw some sort of wildlife so I could really put my zoom lens to the test, however we only saw footprints. I'm glad that winter is not stopping my friend and I from taking our monthly hikes. When it gets cold and snow starts to fall, I usually end up convincing myself to stay inside where it's warm. Later on I end up regretting not getting out more in the beautiful snow. So yeah, I'm glad I'm pushing myself to get out and do more of something I enjoy. 













These next pictures aren't from the Ice Age Trail. I've noticed the lake, next to my neighborhood, had frozen in such an interesting way, and I always wanted to get some pictures of it. So since I had my camera with me, I pulled over and got a couple shots. 




I hope you are enjoying these nature hike posts and I hope you enjoyed last week's post. If you haven't read it, I highly suggest you do because I get into some personal subjects and really tell you some things about myself. I'm actually pretty proud of it. I do plan on expanding on some of the topics I mentioned and talk about my experience.


So, until next time friends. 



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