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Bridgette | Sauk City, WI

November 4, 2018

Bridgette is my go to friend to go on hikes with and have spontaneous photo shoots with. While she does love taking pictures of me (she told me this, I swear I'm not being conceited,) her favorite thing to photograph is nature. So what better place for portraits than somewhere that has such beautiful and natural elements.

She mentioned wanting me to take some portraits of her, since she hasn't gotten any updated ones in awhile. Of course I said yes, one she's my friend and two, she has taking so many photos of me I was glad to repay her. (FYI any photos you see of me that aren't selfies were taken by her.) 

We made a day of it. Well, we made half a day. We went on a hike at Ferry Bluff and did her portraits while we were there. Then we went to Blue Spoon for lunch and gelato. It was a lovely morning.


Make sure you check out Bridgette's Instagram and website to see her awesome photography skills!












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