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Warner Girls | Indian Lake Park | Fall 2017

November 3, 2017

It's always such a joy to photograph these two girls. This session was no exception, even though it was very cold and we got lights rained on at one point. When I photograph kids, I usually just let them do their thing. I let them wander around a bit, play with things they find, and I only give small suggestions as to something they might want to do. This time I captured the girls excitement and happiness while they played with the fallen leaves and chased my down a hill. Yep, I was chased down a hill, but it made for some very cute pictures. 

Everyone was dressed so nice, so we got a quick family picture in before chaos ensued. I mean they are such a cute family so how could I not.




If you noticed little miss Cora holding something in her hand you're not crazy. That would be a piece of Laffy Taffy candy. Now I'll let you in on a little secret, this particular piece of candy was not originally pink. It was bright green. This meant that throughout the session, miss Cora's mouth and teeth had a slight green tint to them. Not to worry, with just a little editing, it's like she was never eating a piece of candy in the first place. 










 Also, who knew it was so hard to get these two to hug each other while both looking at the camera?





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